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Visual Security Authentication

Current ID badges contain the most advanced cryptographic electronics, but for the naked eye, they are not much more than a plastic card. An ID badge might look OK, but they could be unregistered on the access system, invalid, expired, stolen, or even fake. To be sure that a person is authorized, you must approach that person, ask his badge, electronically verify the ID-chip and potentially consult related back-end systems.

This Company invented a unique solution to visibly and reliably verify the authorizations of a person. Anyone wearing their authenticator at an event can immediately be recognized thanks to the visual passwords they display: a never ending sequence of unpredictable graphical images and colors, perfectly synchronized and identical on all authenticators with the same authorizations. Each event has a different sequence. The authenticator transforms the internal secure element of a badge into a reliable visible indicator that the badge is authentic and authorized. The authenticator of each person is a reference device versus other authenticators.

No-Show Event Ticket Re-Sale System

Despite being sold-out, music and sports events have between 1% to 10% empty seats during an event. This Company offers the first no-show reselling system in the world. Empty seats are redistributed in real-time via an App. Empty seats are generated by sponsors, (season) ticket holders and event organizers presenting the stakeholders with:
Lost revenue on Food & Beverage, merchandising Weaker negotiating power with TV rights owners for contract renewals Frustration of ticket seekers who received a “sold-out” message Bad image for organizers and sponsors.

This product captures the demand for seats by establishing innovative queues with fulfillment likelihood indicators. Service to (season) ticket holders: Guaranteed resale into the queue with 100% refund.

Solar Module for Combined Electricity and Heat Generation 

The Company’s product combines design features and enhancements with the lowest module cost in the industry to produce electricity and heat simultaneously with 65% efficiency. The system can produce electricity at 3--?8 cents/kWh and heat at $2--?$5 per mmBTU competing with raditional energy sources. The module uses only 2% of the silicon of traditional potovoltaic systems and can be upgraded at any time for <5% of the cost of competing PV systems.

Encrypted Photo Password Replacement

NetLokTM is a cloud-based security solution offering two core services: NetLok PhotoTM. The NetLok PhotoTM authentication System utililizes sophisticated encryption technology to replace traditional passwords with personalized photographs. This unique technology will eventually replace existing online authentication systems, which makes it easier for users to access their personal systems and more difficult for hackers to steal their private information. The NetLok PhotoTM is so secure that a multi-university hacking team failed to penetrate the API after one million attempts. A different hacking group orchestrated a ten million computer "denial-of-service" attempt that also failed. The NetLokrTM is NetLok's solution for secure document sharing, storage and messaging. The NetLokrTM incorporates the NetLok PhotoTM technology to provide a secure "vault" to store and share personal documents and information as well as engage in private conversations.

EU Based Software Analytics

This company is an EU-based technology startup spearheading the effort to provide film studios, investors & distributors with early analysis and box office forecasts of film scripts by developing a predictive decision support system. The product assists stakeholders in the film business with their greenlighting decisions by offering objective assessment of a script’s commercial value prior to investment, production and sunk costs.

Local Advertising Solution for Small Business

This company produces an App based local bookmarking tool that allows a user to save the favorite places, organize them in lists with followers. The App allows the user discover places based on the favorites within their network of friends. The founder is from a major U.S. search engine company.

EU Based IT System

This company offers IT systems enabling continuous increase of sales while lowering (labor) costs of quality staff who are hard to find and keep to the food service industry. The product has a fully-automated dashboard for food shop owners and staff offering all relevant sales channels to customers while running smooth and cost-efficient operations. The performance of current customers have proven that the tools reduce customer’s operation costs by $50 – 100K/year, eliminate 25 - 50% of their customer support issues, reduce staff absence by 10%.and increase sale 5-15%.

EU Award Winning Training Simulator

This company’s product transforms the way forklift operators are trained with an iIntuitive 360° virtual reality headgear and realistic driver’s seats that allow workers to hone their skills without using expensive real world equipment lowering the cost of worker training and avoiding accidents.