Clean Business Investment Summit

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Client Companies

Software & Internet

Necessity LLC, Mobile App, Youth & Parenting
Seaters, SAAS, Event Ticket Resale, $2 million seed round completed
T4 Spatial, SaaS, underground inspections


Apeel Sciences, Organic Fruit, Vegetable & Flower treatment that extends shelf life
Hope20, Low Cost Water Contaminant Test, Government, Corporate & Residential markets
Mica Sense, Agriculture Remote Sensing & Data
Next, Photovoltaic transparent Coatings for Glass & Windows
Maker Labs, Disruptive 3D printing resin

Mechanical Products

Re-Leash, Surfboard Leash Innovation
ECO Products, Hands-Free Faucet
Wash-it, Detergent-less Laundry
Ojai Energy Systems, Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Batteries
ACQI, Low Cost Pet Imaging Tracer for Radioactive Drug Testing

Retail, Restaurant & Distribution

Gramercy Beverage, Beer Import & Wholesale
Sierra Lifestyle, West Coast Lifestyle brand, $6 million in existing sales 
LyfeStart International, Weight Loss Solutions, Led by Former CEO of Herbalife 
Locali, Heathy Deli & Market, 50 store roll-out 

Food & Beverage

Teecinno, Herbal Coffee, $2.5 million raised
Foxy’s Pash, Frozen Desserts, in 462 stores
Waiakea, Mineral Rich Hawaiian Bottled Water, $1.2 million raised
Kaibae, Super Foods Importer
Kiwa, South American Vegetable Snack Chips

Utilities & Farming

Channel Wind, Off Shore Wind Farms
Harvest, Urban Farms
Slightly Nutty, Commercial, Food Grade Cricket Farming
SweetSpring Salmon, Clean Aquaculture Salmon Farming

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