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"Thunder is good, thunder is impressive, but it is
the lightning that does the work"
Mark Twain, 1908

The 25 Most Influential Kingmakers in Consumer and Retailer Companies

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Alissa Sears, Senior Strategist, Christie Communications
Alissa Sears, Senior Strategist
Christie Communications

For most consumer and retail companies, their core asset is their brand. Formulas and recipes are important, but can often be copied. A brand is trademarked and is often what a strategic is most excited about when considering an acquisition. Public relations (PR) is one way companies often build brands (just ask Popchips). The problem with highlighting a PR firm is that few successful companies ever want to share which PR firm they use . . . for fear competitors will try and snag their secret sauce. Christie Communications is one that we have consistently heard rave reviews about—with Alissa helping to lead the charge alongside Gillian Christie, the company’s Founder & CEO, and their talented team. Christie Communications is full service, handling everything from consumer, trade and investor PR to brand strategy, design to events management, social and environmental betterment programs and much more. As a result, its consumer clients are able to get results-driven PR that is consistent with the brand messages of their clients.

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