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Table 1. DFJ Frontier & Gideon Hixon

Company Description: DFJ Frontier provides support to help turn ideas or technology into a self-sustaining business. DFJ seeks out entrepreneurs who have the energy, discipline, and courage to create something from nothing. DFJ is particularly interested in emerging technologies and considers any market driven technology opportunity including software, information services, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and alternative energy. DFJ Frontier helps refine business plans, recruit and interview key employees, identify and contact potential partners and customers, secure additional funding, and successfully manage exit alternatives.

The Gideon Hixon Fund is a venture capital investment fund representing the interests of the extended Hixon family. The fund takes a long-term traditional approach to venture capital investing by supporting passionately committed entrepreneurs with visions of revolutionizing industries and by building strong lasting businesses. The Gideon Hixon Fund believes that investors and entrepreneurs must align to build great companies, which ultimately will make the world a better place.

  • Active venture capital organization

  • Network has over $5 Billion under management to fund entrepreneurs

  • Invests in emerging technology start-ups

  • Interested in market driven technologies

Investor: Will Geiger