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Table 3. SGVC

Company description: SG VC invests in disruptive and pioneering teams seeking capital to expand their business. Since their inception in 2011, they have backed a long list of prominent privately held tech companies and have invested in elite teams from Israel and the Silicon Valley, to China and Russia.

SG VC has invested in some of Silicon Valley’s most renowned start-ups participating side by side with well known Israeli, American, and International VCs. Their intention as odd as it may sound, is not to lead investments but rather to follow strong VC’s and strong angels.

Given that there is an inherit selection bias when strong entrepreneurs look for an investor, and given that the same bias applies to investors looking into late stage investment opportunities, SG VC has established their own selection process. SG VC chooses to invest along with leading investors who have an established track record, stellar performance and a good understanding of their domain. They follow those subject-matter-experts and if they present us with an opportunity to co-invest in a company they like, SG VC evaluates the opportunity and often times will also join.

This approach eliminates any stress to deploy capital or to take overt risks to build their name as a leading VC. Their approach is contrarian: SG CS doesn’t compete with leading and larger VC’s for ‘hot deals’ – They follow, they don’t lead.

Investor: Devon Morris

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