Clean Business Investment Summit

Founding Sponsor

Table 4. The Eleos Foundation

Company Description: The Eleos Foundation believes that sustainable market-based solutions will be the most effective way to eradicate extreme poverty. From low cost education in India to sanitation in the slums of Kenya, we’re committed to innovative entrepreneurs solving tough problems.

Eleos Foundation bridges the “Pioneer Gap” by providing entrepreneurs with the capital and advisory support needed to take their business from a pilot to a proven model, ready to scale. Eleos Foundation also provides opportunities for like-minded investors to co-invest and learn with us along the way.

• Provides early-stage investment capital to social enterprises working in the fight to eradicate extreme poverty.
• Provides advisory support and value-added networking to companies as they work through the challenges of positioning their companies for scale.
• Supports companies in raising the additional capital needed, negotiating alongside entrepreneurs and attracting the right mix of investors to support success.
• Welcomes collaboration and openly share what is learn in an effort to support and strengthen the social impact ecosystem.

Investor: Jim Villanueva

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