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Table 5. Transformative Capital

Company Description: Transformative, Inc. is a strategic advisory and hybrid equities firm that helps companies obtain the resources they need to succeed. In order to help companies accelerate their success, Transformative performs an inventory of the human, capital, technological and market resources needed by the company and pro-actively engages to deliver the strategy, tactics and resources required. With a focus on companies that have a social and environmental impact, the management and affiliates of Transformative possess deep entrepreneurial, business, project management and financial experience. The company’s management and affiliates have participated in over $1 billion in transactions and have relationships with $80 billion in capital. Transformative focuses its energy and resources on companies and clients in what Transformative, Inc. affectionately calls the W.E.S.T. industries.

Early Stage Companies
There continues to be a plethora of viable early stage and small private companies. Many of these have compelling solutions and are generating or initiating strong growth. However, they need cash, infrastructure and channels to successfully expand. They are faced with the need to establish all of these in order to successfully execute. Transformative, Inc. is respectful of the commitment of our entrepreneurs, and strive to protect their need to be in charge of their vision and benefit from their hard work. Unlike traditional venture capital or angel investors, they work with early-stage companies and clients to strategically engineer a liquidity event from inception and develop a systematic plan for achieving company goals and objectives with the least amount of time and dilution.

Micro and small cap public companies
Particularly over the past five years, an abundance of micro and small cap public companies have emerged (there are over 6000 in the cap range of $5-100M in the US alone). Many of these have viable businesses (cash-flow breakeven or better, predictable revenue), capable management teams, sound infrastructure and established channels. However, their financial projections are no longer attractive to the investment community. They require new product or service initiatives, management and/or capital to rekindle interest in their stock and make them attractive for new financing or acquisition. With our post-merger and public company clients, Transformative Inc. provides access to highly experienced professionals, such as broker-dealers, market makers, IRPR firms, lawyers and accountants and provide strategic advisory services targeted at increasing company revenues, profitability and the value of shareholder equity. Moreover, they provide access to a myriad of financing alternatives, such as equity investment, convertible debt, standby equity distribution agreements, asset based lending, receivables and purchase order financing, lease financing and bonds.

Investor: Mark Chasan

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