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Table 8. Ecomundi Ventures

Company Description: Ecomundi Ventures has two focus areas:

Reinventing personal care to improve human health and the planet

The vast majority of "personal care" products are an oxymoron. Neither personal, nor caring. Most contain synthetic ingredients that are unhealthy for our bodies and for the environment. Typically manufactured by conventional corporations with bland brands and packaging. Ecomundi Ventures has partnered with entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and retailers to reinvent personal care so that human health and the planet benefit in a remarkable, fun, inspiring way.

Tackling the toughest water problems by catalyzing the world's best entrepreneurs

Ecomundi Ventures’ innovative impact investment fund is focused on water, and blends traditional and philanthropic capital to dramatically improve the way society uses, manages, and stewards its water resources around the world. Their team brings over one hundred seventy-five years of leadership experience in the water sector. Ecomundi Ventures partner with water-focused organizations to find early stage investment opportunities offering the greatest combination of environmental + financial return, and then work closely with our portfolio company entrepreneurs to help them commercialize their water solutions for maximum impact. Key areas of water focus include sustainable supply, human & ecosystem health, infrastructure integrity, and waste to value.

Investor: Alex McIntosh

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