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Table 10. Watershed Capital & Impact Capitalism Circle

Table  10. 	Watershed Capital & Impact Capitalism Circle-2

Company Description: Watershed Capital Group Watershed Capital Group is a consulting firm advising companies and fund managers advancing a sustainable economy. Watershed Capital Group assists companies and funds in raising equity and debt capital, executing corporate sales, divestitures and acquisitions, and in evaluating strategic financial options.

Watershed Capital Group partners with clients to grow robust, profitable businesses and generate solid financial returns while simultaneously accomplishing positive outcomes for people and the planet. A new model of value creation is emerging deploying capital in strategies that leverage the inherent link between natural, social and financial capital. The global move toward sustainability represents one of the most attractive investment opportunities of our era. In the face of increasing resource scarcity and growing global demand for these resources, sustainable strategies are enabling differentiated competitive advantages that lead to long-term value creation. Watershed’s clients are entrepreneurs, companies, and fund managers scaling sustainable solutions.

Founded by Watershed Capital Group, the Impact Capitalism Circle (ICC) is an association of investor’s advisors, consultants, asset managers, and others interested in deploying capital to maximize return and impact across all asset classes. ICC’s objective is to accelerate capital into impact investing by providing education and fostering the ecosystem around impact capital. Impact Investing represents one of the most attractive investment sectors of our era. The Global move to sustainability presents an unprecedented opportunity for investors to make a return and a difference with their assets.

• Boutique consulting firm with an exclusive focus on serving companies and fund managers within the sustainable and clean technology business sectors
• Assists in raising growth-stage to later-stage equity, senior and subordinated debt
• Executing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations
• B Corp member
• Initiated Impact Investing Forum with 6,000 members & Global Cleantech Forum with 6,000 members

Investor: Jordan Bebee

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