Clean Business Investment Summit

Founding Sponsor

Table 20. BOMA Investments

Company Description: Boma Investments LLC is the investment arm of Boma.  It capitalizes early stage enterprises to assist in their proof of concept and demonstration newly sustainable models of businesses. Boma is committed to solving global problems by investing our time and money to develop innovative, socially sustainable enterprises and models to catalyze others to action.

Learn: Sponsor, participate in and create learning opportunities through which knowledge can be expanded and shared. Collaboratively explore best practices, innovative methods and new technologies for a better world,

Do: Distribute knowledge, methods and best practices to build a cadre of learners, thinkers and “doers”. Increase capital for social enterprises by facilitating accessibility and lowering transaction costs.

Fund: Grant and invest in early stage proof of concept and capacity building projects, Guide the way for funders by undertaking initial risks and teaching others what Boma learns and how they work.

Investor: Ron Boehm

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