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Table 23. Agility Capital

Company Description: Agility Capital, LLC is a private venture debt fund focused on providing debt solutions to venture capital-backed and closely-held private companies and Small Cap public companies. Agility Capital was founded in 2000 with a clear focus: provide innovative short-term loans to private venture-backed and Small Cap public companies. Agility Capital’s lending strategy is simple: be the most creative and responsive lender for technology companies. Agility Capital provides services tailored to the immediate needs of their clients. They act fast and precise to provide their clients the service expected in today's competitive marketplace. Agility Capital specializes in the type of loans that are necessary to provide an entrepreneur with time and operating capital to successfully achieve the next financing milestone, whether it is a private equity investment, the sale of the company, or public offering.

The value Agility Capital offers their clients is the ability to act fast and be flexible and creative in designing the financing they require. They understand the challenges faced by the entrepreneur and realize that timing is everything. Since Agility Capital controls their funds, they can act quickly to get the client the capital when they need it.

  • Agility Capital’s loans include but are not limited to: mezzanine financing, primary bridge loans, lines of credit, factoring lines of credit, non-formula lines of credit, and restructuring debt.

Investor: Jeff Carmody  

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